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Your Next Step

A 4 Week Accompaniment Program with Beth McGrane Tran

Inside Your Next Step You Gain Access To...

1:1 Coaching Calls

In Your Next Step, you will have access to two 60 minute coaching sessions with Beth. One in the beginning of your 4 week journey, and one at the end to give you experience a strong start and a safe exit for creating structures that will give you continued action and growth. Beth will be measuring your progress and taking care to curate your experience in this program based on your individual calls.

Group Coaching Access

During the 4 weeks of Your Next Step, you will also receive access to weekly Women Created & Called group coaching. Learn from hearing other women be coached through their discernemnt struggles and get the opportunity to be coached LIVE each week with Beth. Gain access to the LIVE calls each week via Zoom as well as the privay community coaching Facebook group. 

Direct Support from Beth

To ensure you make progress and take massive action in the areas of your life you desire to improve most, you will receive 4 weeks of direct support from Beth via the Voxer app. This is a free app that will allow you to have conversations as needed throughout the week, you have ALL the support you could need in Your Next Step!

Your Next Step Is 4 Weeks of Gaining Momentum

Perhaps you are new to the skill of discernemnt, or you are simply hitting a snag in your life and need to get into massive action in order to bust through the barrier and create real, lasting, positive change. Your Next Step is a 4 week online hybrid coaching coaching experience designed to get you dreaming and taking action! 

  • Stop delaying your goals or putting off hard, but necessary decisions, join this 4 week group and create massive momentum

  • Get a community of supportive women, but also the direct support you need to talk through your mindset hurdles with Beth 1:1

  • Learn positive mindset skills that are rooted in the faith while also getting practical, actionable advice so you can move the needle 

  • This 4 week hybrid program has all you need to be in a totally new place in just 30 days. Join today, take action and invest in your dreams!

Set Defined Goals

Take a specific goal you have been working towards in your life, or a decision you have been needing to take action on and bring it to Your Next Step! Get the accountability you need.  

Consistent Accountability 

With your two 1:1 hour-long coaching calls with Beth and your access to one another via Voxer - you will have ALL the accountability required to tackle your goals and avoid pitfalls.

Group Support

Gainaccess to a perfect blend of private support and group coaching with private Facebook group! Join other women striving to take action and grow in discernment too.

Faith Based Coaching

Beth offers sounds mindset training that is supportive of those of the Christian faith. Get support from someone who undertstands your values and priorities!


  • Christian women who desire to make better, more confident decisisons for themselves and their families

  • Woman who are seekeing to grow in confidence and leadership 

  • Those who have been trying to make an important decision but are struggling to take action and make a definitive call

  • Those women who have a goal in mind for their lives but are struggling to make time and a clean plan to achieve it


  • Those who are not interested in learning to make decisions for their lives based on Christ and the Christian worldview

  • Those who are not comfortable be coached in a group setting or sharing their faith in a group environment

  • Anyone who is thinking about taking action but not ready to gain support, do the work and take action to gain momentum and make progress for themselves

Hello, I'm Beth

I help Christian women intentionally SEEK, DISCERN and ACT on God’s will— from everyday challenges to God-sized dreams, and everything in between! I’m so happy you're here!

Wife... mom... Christian life coach... lover of faith, family, music and coffee... called to encourage and empower women, especially through the storms of life.

Schedule your complimentary consultation to discover how coaching can help you be the woman you are created and called to be!

Take Your Next Step Now

Hear What Others Are Saying...

Beth is a woman who leads with her heart. She is willing to go the distance to ensure she pulls the best out of others. Her charismatic approach to life allows those around her to not take life so seriously and see the joy in all things. Her deep devotion to the Lord shines through her as she brings strength, love and compassion out in all who have the pleasure to work with her. 


Beth is a generous, considerate and deeply listening coach who gave me space to be where I was and gave me the encouragement to help me remember who I am so that I can take steps forward in my life. Since I’ve been coached by Beth, I feel more in connection with myself and with God, and I’m clear that her coaching can create transformation in your relationship with God.


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